Improve your cat's

behavioral problems

Consultation for all types of behavioral problems:

litter box problem, night meowing and agitation, destructive behavior (furniture), (re)introduction among cats or dogs, aggressive behavior, socialization of scared or feral cats, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, moving to new house,prevention newborn baby, socialisation program for shelters, conference and training , etc.



Consultation by phone

Online Consultation

  with behavioral plan

In Home Consultation with behavioral plan

Why FelineGood

After volunteering for 7 years at a cat shelter in Montréal, I wanted to do more for the cause of animal, and to fight abuse and abandon. That is why I created FelineGood.

While working in shelters, I noticed that we were struggling
with some cat's behavioral problems and adoptees being returned to
shelter because of their problematic behavior. I told myself that there was surely something I could do to help...and that's when I discovered what  was a cat behavior consultant. I knew right away that this was THE solution to our reality.


A Positive Impact

I took advanced training courses and studied behavioral books. With my experience in shelters and  scientific behavioral knowledge , I started doing consultations for new adopted cats and the results were phenomenal.

I realized that my work had a direct positive impact and that I was contributing to decreasing  abandon and euthanasia for cats that have behavioral problems.

My Experience

I am certified Feline Training Professionnal by the Pet Professional Guild. I have being doing private consultation online and at home for clients for more than two year, and I have work with more than 800 cases.

I am also consultant for Animal Rescue Network(Montréal), Refuge MarySue (Québec), Refuge Animex (Montréal) and  Le Relais Félin (Québec). I also write the column 'Voir la vie en chat' for Les Pattes Libres mag and also for magazine Passion Animaux.  

I keep training and keep up with the latest scientific knowledge and methods through International Association of Animal Behavior Consultant (USA), Pet Professional Guild (USA), Compass (UK), Éduchateur(Québec), American Association of Feline Practionners(USA), PetPro webinars (USA) and AZCA(Québec). 


Consultation by phone



Phone or video call of 45 minutes

For basic advice, or minor problem

Follow up not included

Follow-up 30 minutes 40$


Phone call to understand the situation 

Writing of an adapted behavioral plan 

Video call to explain the plan and how to apply it 

30 minutes follow-up included by phone or video call in the next 2 months

Follow-up 60 minutes with plan: 85$ per session

In Home Consultation 

with behavioral plan



Phone call to understand the situation

Writing of an adapted behavioral plan 

Going in home to explain plan and how to apply it and adapt it to environment. 

30 minutes follow-up included by phone or video call in the next 2 months


Follow-up 90 minutes at home with plan: 125$ per session


Traveling Expenses

0 - 20 km = 0$

20 - 35 km = 20$

35 - 50 km = 30$

50 - 65 km = 40$

65 km + = to evaluate


Online Consultation

with behavioral plan


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