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Laurence Grondin cat behavior consultant

A cat behavior consultant can help you understansding your cat and its own world. She can improve your cat's behavioral problem. 

My story:

After volunteering for 7 years at a cat shelter in Montréal, I wanted to do

more for the cause of animal, and to fight abuse and abandon. That is why

I created FelineGood.

While working in shelters, I noticed that we were struggling
with some cat's behavioral problems and adoptees being returned to
shelter because of their problematic behavior. I told myself that there was
surely something I could do to help...and that's when I discovered what 
was a cat behavior consultant. I knew right away that this was THE solution to our reality.

I took advanced training courses and studied behavioral books. With my experience in shelters and  scientific behavioral knowledge , I started doing consultations for new adopted cats and the 
results were phenomenal.

I realized that my work had a direct positive impact and that I was contributing to decreasing  abandon and euthanasia for cats that have behavioral problems.

I have being doing private consultation online and at home for clients for more than a year. I am also consultant for Animal Rescues Network(Montréal), Mary Sue shelter(Québec) and Centre des adoptions des animaux de Laval. I also write the column 'Voir la vie en chat' for Les Pattes Libres mag and I am also collaborating with Les Pattes Jaunes. I keep training and keep up with the latest scientific knowledge and methods through International Association of Animal Behavior Consultant(IAABC).


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